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The slopes of the park's topography is ideal for spectators and views of the harbor and can also provide natural landscape suport for the curved banking of the velodrome.  Neighborhood connections are direct and the existing mature trees along Shore Road provide visual and acoustical separation for nearby residences.  The trees and recently improved ballfields, playgrounds and courts are not affected by the new velodrome location.  Existing park buildings can provide water, restrooms and other basic support.

These studies illustrate 333 and 250 meter velodromes.  Other sizes from 200m to 500m could be considered to accommodate other park and open field requirements within or around the velodrome location.
The Brooklyn Velodrome is a site proposal for a new bicycling velodrome within Shore Road Park in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, New York.

With available open space, dramatic views over New York Harbor, existing supporting facilities and easy transit access by public subway and buses, private vehicles and designated bicycle routes, the site at Shore Road near 97th Street is well suited for a new recreational facility. 

Plan Detail 333m Velodrome

259m Velodrome

Historic Photo

Kids Learning
What is a Velodrome? 

It is a smooth surfaced track with banked curves used for racing bicycles. 

New York City had numerous velodromes in the early 20th Century in the Bronx, Manhattan and at Coney Island.  Competitive cyclists on the velodrome were some of the most highly regarded athletes of their era, even earning more dollars that their counterparts in baseball.  The Madison, a track event still occurring today, takes its name from New York's original Madison Square Garden. 

Bicycle racing on a velodrome continues as a part of today's Olympic Games.

An outdated, 49 year-old velodrome exists in Queens, New York.  It regularly holds competitive and instructional programs for both adults and children.  A modern velodrome with a correct track surface, design and supporting facilities is needed for New York City.  Numerous velodromes exist or are under construction across the United States though only one velodrome on the East Coast can support regional, national and international level events; it is located in Pennsylvania.

Velodrome on Harbor

Field House
The existing Field House contains public restrooms and other support spaces for the Park.  It could also serve the future velodrome.

Bus Stop
The existing pavilion at Shore Road near 3rd Avenue.  The upper level is an open overlook and the lower level contains public Men's and Women's Comfort Stations.  Local buses and express bus service for Manhattan stop here.  A staircase leads down to the park.

Park access ramp from
Shore Road and 97th Street.

View from the park of the Verrazano Bridge and Fort Wadsworth on New York Harbor.

Regional Map
Regional Location Map.

Neighborhood Location and Transit Map.

There are many transportation options to access Shore Road Park and the velodrome site.  The subway at 95th Street is only a 6 or 7 minute walk.  Express and local buses stop directly in front of the park.  New York Water Taxi service goes to the Brooklyn Army Terminal and alternately could serve the 69th Street Pier.  Both pier sites also contact existing bicycle routes along Shore Road and the habor cycling path.  These bicycle routes are part of the larger Brooklyn Greenway initiative, planned to connect the entire shoreline of Brooklyn from the Greenpoint Waterfront to Canarsie Pier in Jamaica Bay.  Finally, the park is adjacent to the Verrazano Bridge, I-278 and the Belt Parkway which provides vehicle access from Brooklyn, Long Island, New Jersey and greater New York City.

VElodrome South View
The expanse of open space and existing contours of the landscape provide an ideal basis for
a velodrome, supporting the track banking and viewing areas for spectators.

Velodrome in Park

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